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Arte y oficio (Art & business)

In virtual times there is nothing more revolutionary than to vindicate the trade, there is nothing more modern than usual...

“Followers of a trade for some and an art for others”

Pedra makes  works following the good doing of our ancestors. These are exclusive works in which time is high.

If you like and if you are able to value stone heritage; if you want to take part in a work which leaves its mark we need experienced and trained staff.  (A degree as a master stonecutter, a five- year formation in the conservation and promotion of one of the oldest and most noble trades in Galicia)


Restoration – “Pazo de Ximonde”

Taking as reference the renowned architect Clemente Fernández Sarela, and in collaboration with a landscaper, is designed and craftsmanship elaborates the ornamentation and the constructive elements, to replace. The daily work for a year is done using only manual tools, looking for a faithful finish with the element to be restored.


Imagery – “Cruceiro Virgen de la peregrina”

Only the cross measures 1.45 m, consists of two images carved in a single block made previously in clay, a Christ recumbent and the Virgin of the Pilgrim. The set reaches 4.50 m high and is located in the gardens of the command of the Guardia Civil de Pontevedra.


Ornamentation – “Capitel marino”

Respecting the volumes, the classical ornamentation is exchanged, as are the volutes, Acanthus leaves by very representative marine elements of Galicia. The capital along with the cross is the most complex part of a transept the tricks of the trade and creativity make the difference. 


Stonework – “Stairs”

The structural function of these stairs is obtained from two types of geometric pieces, the voussoirs and the steps. This type of work takes time but the result is really impressive.


Stonework – “Oven”

The voussoirs that make up this furnace as well as those of a vault or arch will only be stable and their mechanical behavior is correct if their geometry is also correct, and this is only possible when their cuts are radial. For these voussoirs to be perfect we must carry out a previous rethinking and transfer curves and measurements to templates, to the baivel.

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Eco-Pedra / Eco-Stone

“A collection whith much life”

Transformation of the life of materials depends on the progress of science and technology and, of course, on creativity. Granite is one of the most durable stones. When creating this functional and avant-guard objects which experience with shape and esthetic, R Xiráldez sets up a line of timeless products ranging from large sculptures to small furniture in which programmed obsolescence has no room.

A tu medida (It adjusts to your size)

“Create and decorate sustainable materials in a team work”

Pedra appropriates of the client’s needs forcing itself to innovate day by day. When making the projects we are open to different ways. One would be a completely handcraft way. Another would be the combination with machinery to get a reduced industrial production which suits the needs both of the market and the client as a result.

We work hand in hand with architects and landscapers on creating the projects and organizing the garden both public and private. So do we work with furniture both urban and particular.